My name is Arjen de Jong, better known as NightEye. I was born in Groningen, The Netherlands, 1987.
At about age 9 I began editing levels for Wolfenstein 3D. At age 11, I was already making my own levels for the best game of that time: Half-Life. I modeled maps using Valve Hammer, and made my own textures with Photoshop.

When I discovered CarCAD, I began editing existing Need For Speed 3 models. Making a Volvo out of the BMW M5, etc. When some day my favorite car – the Ford Focus – was uploaded on, I began to modify the textures to my liking. Slowly I began to learn more and more about vertices, faces, UV-mapping, etc.
A little while later, I began to model a tank in CarCAD. The model was really simple and had zero textures. Then I got to know ZModeler v1.05 and did a tutorial by Oleg M. With that, I had modeled my very own BMW E46 3 series completely from scratch. At this time, Need For Speed 4 came available. I started making cars for it, and my first creation was Tamiya’s RC model, the ‘Blazing Star‘. Almost half a year later, I released my first real car: an AC Cobra 427 (1966). With almost 12000 tri’s, this was a massive model for that time.

A long time had passed. Learning more and more in ZModeler, I gained more experience with modeling and texturing. I decided to learn how to render to show the real beauty of my models. I got a copy of Rhinoceros 1.0, and made my first real renders. Rhino wasn’t built for rendering at that time, and I started looking for other software. That’s when LightWave came into my world. I got a demo and played with render settings for weeks, until I finally had a nice little image of one of my models. Rendering became easier as time past, and the renders got nicer.

One day, I decided to learn how to model in LightWave. I did a BMW M3 tutorial from, and quickly I knew how to model a highpoly model. After the BMW M3, I began modeling a Subaru Impreza GT. I tried lowpoly modeling too with a Mercedes-Benz CLK 230 Convertible. It took a while before I did everything in LightWave. Now I would never want anything else.